What is Stranger Dare?

Stranger Dare is a game where 2 - 6 friends compete against each other to earn points while performing dares in front of unsuspecting strangers.

For most people, interacting with random strangers is not normal behavior. Stranger Dare plays upon that and is meant to get you out of your comfort zone to the delight and laughter of your friends.

Imagine watching your friends hug a random stranger for an uncomfortably long period of time, or imagine watching your friends sing Happy Birthday to a stranger (who isn't celebrating a birthday)! Perhaps the real dare is trying not to laugh!

Stranger Dare is meant to be played with friends in an environment full of strangers, so grab a group of friends and head out to a bar, sporting event, nightclub, airport, library, or any public setting.

Dare #51: Go up to a random stranger and bark at him/her.